Summer 2017!

How would YOU like to own THE SUMMER T-Shirt of the 2017 Season. Well here’s how.

Beginning June 25th every Friday this summer from 12-1 pm come down to the all new Sandbar at Jetties Beach. Nantucket’s own 97.7 ACKFM will be handing out the hottest summer t-shirts designed by the new beachwear brand Tuck Life. Show you get the Island vibe by wearing these one-of-a-kind signature shirts.

The shirts are free, but get there early because it’s first come, first serve. Just like the unforgettable Nantucket summer seasons this giveaway won’t last forever.

They are also available for purchase here if your not able to make it.

So come down to the Sandbar at Jetties Beach on Fridays from Noon -1pm and make sure you get your own 97.7 ACKFM Summer T-shirt designed by Tuck Life.

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